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Notify us of Events

Notify us of Events

To notify us of an event for inclusion in the DATA Diary, enter the details below and click on "Notify". Note that if you are a representative of one of our member Societies then we suggest that you Register a user account with us instead. This will allow you to directly edit the details that we hold for your society, including its events.

Event Notification

Contact Details

You must enter a valid email address

Enter your email address so that we may communicate with you to clarify any queries that we might have about this event.

You must repeat your email address to confirm it

Confirm your email address as a cross check that you've typed it correctly.

Event Details

You must enter the name of the event

Enter the name of the event; for example:
"The Wind in the Willows"

You must enter the event start date in DD/MM/YYYY format

Enter the start date of the event in DD/MM/YYYY format.
This is the date of the first performance of the event.

If provided, event end date must be a valid date in DD/MM/YYYY format

Enter the end date of the event in DD/MM/YYYY format or leave it blank for a one-day event.
This is the date of the last performance of the event.

You must enter the event dates in one of the formats specified

If this event has a performance each and every day, between and including the start date and the end date, then you may leave this field blank.
If that's not the case then use this field to indicate on which dates the event is performed; for example:
Start Date = "01/09/2017"
End Date = "09/09/2017"
Dates (this field) = "1, 2, 8 & 9 Sep"

If any of the performances do not start at 7.30pm, enter the times for event; for example:
"Sat matinee 2.30pm"
"Wed - Fri 7.15pm; Sat 1.30pm & 6pm"
Leave this field blank to default it to a 7:30pm start time.
Enter "TBC" (to be confirmed) to suppress the display of the start time altogether.

You must select a DATA member society from the drop-down list

Select the member Society organising the event.

Enter who the event is presented by if it isn't simply the member society selected above.
Unless one of the following is true this can be left blank to default to the member society name:

  1. The member society is presenting the event in conjunction with other parties; for example "Derby Cathedral Concerts with Derby Cathedral Choir"
  2. The member society is not presenting the event but has some other relationship to it; for example "Sponsored by Derby Bach Choir"
You must give details of the venue for the event

Select the venue for the event. Start to type characters in the venue's name and when you have typed at least two characters a list of venues to select from will appear. The characters can be anywhere in the venue name and should be as differentiating as possible, e.g. "ph" rather than "st" to find "St. Philip's Church, Chaddesden". If you can't find the venue for your event in this way then type in your venue rather than select it.

You must provide contact details for box office or other enquiries

Enter information and/or contact details for box office or other enquiries; for example:
"01332 593939"
"tickets £10 via 01773 829248"
"Derby Live Box Office - 01332 255800"