Derby Arts and Theatre Association DATA
52 Weeks Festival

DATA is proud to announce that it is a sponsor of the 52 Weeks Festival, which is described by its organisers as:

"a brand new long term project celebrating creativity and culture across Derbyshire. The 52 WEEKS FESTIVAL will run from May 2022 – May 2023 and aims to bring the county together through:

  • Celebrating Derbyshire’s heritage and culture
  • Supporting individuals and organisations within Derbyshire to develop their activities and impact
  • Bringing new arts, culture and entertainment into Derbyshire
  • Inspiring people of all ages to take part
  • Bringing communities together
  • Improving individual well-being"

You can find out more about this exciting project here. In particular, we would encourage all music and theatre groups to complete the survey "Mapping Creativity and Culture in Derbyshire":