The Diary Scheme

Read about The DATA Diary Scheme. Would your society like to join?

The Diary Scheme is a mutual aid arrangement for amateur performing arts societies in the Derby area. It has been operating since 1985. Member Societies, of which there are now 40, undertake to advertise, by means of a simple listing, future productions of other societies in the programme of each of their events. Societies which hold exhibitions may also join in which case they undertake to put the listing in their exhibition catalogue or display it in some other way.

The scheme is run by the Derby Arts and Theatre Association (DATA), a registered charity. Members pay a small fee to cover costs (currently £10 for two years subscription). Each Member Society must appoint one person to liase with the Diary Organisers. The majority of comunication is by e-mail.

Member Societies should advise the Diary Organisers of their future plans as early as possible by e-mail to Information required is: date of event, name of production or brief details, name of Society, contact telephone number for the public and venue. Also time of event if not starting at 7.30pm (e.g. matinée or early start).

The Diary Organisers issue the full listing on the 1st of each month to all Member Societies by email (there is no hard copy distribution of the listing). The list is in chronological order and shows all information given to the Diary Organisers by the end of the previous month. On receipt by the Member Societies it should be checked for any errors, this is particularly important on the first insertion of an event in the Diary.

Member Societies are encouraged to use the list as a planning aid to avoid duplication of events or clashes of dates. However, there is no control by DATA over members' plans.

When printing its programme for a particular event, each Society is under an obligation to include that part of the listing immediately following its own production, giving the next half dozen or so events. It is important to include the list as given and not to be selective (such as showing only the musical events).

By joining the scheme a Society accepts this obligation to publish the Diary in the programme of every one of its events in the listing. It should be headed as the Derby Arts and Theatre Diary.

The monthly listing is also sent to the local radio and press (Radio Derby, Derby Evening Telegraph and Derbyshire Life and Countryside). The monthly publication Amateur Stage also receives the listing and puts all theatre items (plays, musicals and operas) in its monthly diary.

DATA accept no liability for any errors, howsoever caused.